Quality of Location and Living Conditions Sweden & Stockholm

  • Population number: Sweden: 10,182,291 (2018), Stockholm: 3,782,815 (2016)
  • Percentage of foreign citizens: 8.9% (Sweden)
  • Median age: 40.9 (Sweden)
  • Average life satisfaction on a scale 0 – 10: 7.3 (Sweden)
Living conditions
  • In 2016, the number of commenced apartments reached the highest level of the 21st Century so far. The construction of 32,400 apartments started in the Stockholm region. Every fourth apartment was constructed in Stockholm County.
  • 45% of all Swedish residences are located in the Stockholm region (2016), since 2000 the amount of residences has grown by 17%
  • In Stockholm 90% of people live in apartments (45% are renting, 55% own their apartment)
  • Percentage of people feeling safe walking alone in the night: 75.9%
  • Average number of homicides per 100 000 citizens: 1
Access to broadband
  • Percentage of households with access to internet: 95%
  • Percentage of households with a computer: 93%
  • Number of doctors per 1000 citizens: 0.71
  • Renewable energy sources account for: 54% of the Swedish energy use
  • Percentage of people living in cities: 86%
  • Percentage of recycled waste: 99%
  • Days of paid parental leave: 480
Cultural climate
  • Share of total national revenue from the cultural sector: 3.08%
Tourism Stockholm is home to a rich culture life and a great variety of national and international events, restaurants and shopping experiences. Stockholm is also Scandinavia’s leading city for business, with many internationally competitive industries. Three nations dominate among foreign visitors in Stockholm – Germany, the US and Great Britain. The majority of foreign visitors are still European, but more and more guests are coming from the rest of the world. Visitors from the United States account for more than 80 per cent of all overnight stays from North and South America. Brazil, however, increases in importance. In Asia, two target groups are fairly equal in number of guest nights – India and China. These nations also have the fastest growth in the region. Japan on the other hand has lost its position in a longer perspective.
  • Foreign tourists spent in Sweden in 2016: 120 billion SEK
  • Number of commercial airports for passenger flights in Stockholm region: 8
  • Number of passengers travelling through airports in Stockholm region (2016): over 31,5 million

Status: 2020