Incubation and Start-ups Finland & Helsinki

Living Game Intelligence Network (LGIN), founded by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as part of the EU-funded Baltic Game Industry Project. LGIN operates mostly online, but collaborates with Helsinki Games Capital, and regularly has events at Arcade5, right in the middle to the very buzzling start-up location Maria01. LGIN is a game industry specific mentoring network, where up-and-coming gamedev teams get access to top mentors from the Finnish tech and game development scene. They are also offered coaching, workshops and networking events, and peer support by the community of LGIN teams.

Helsinki XR Center is operated by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences together with Finnish Virtual Reality Association (FIVR) and it is powered by the City of Helsinki and Business Finland. Helsinki XR Center has development program for early phase VR/AR teams. It has top notch mentors and there is co-operation with early phase startup accelerator Turbiini Accelerator. The focus is on VR and AR, so it is not purely a game incubator.

NXS program, founded by Harri Manninen in 2017
Nordic XR Startups is a part of a company. NXS program is VR/AR accelerator and open to apply for pre-seed, seed and startup phased companies. The mission of NXS program is to contribute and improve the competitiveness of the Nordic VR/AR ecosystem and accelerate the growth of portfolio companies. NXS program has world-class mentors, ranging from entrepreneurs to investors, VR/AR technical specialists, platform holders and legal mentors. The focus is on VR and AR, so it is not purely a game incubator. The founding partners are Japanese Gumi, established in 2017 and Nordisk film, which was originally founded in 1906.

Status: 2020