Incubation and Start-ups Latvia

Latvia has a great number of business, technical and creative incubators established throughout the country, providing consulting and training, coworking spaces and office equipment to start-ups, as well as co-funding opportunities.

Magnetic Latvia Business Incubator is the largest network of incubators in Latvia offering co-funding to participating start-ups, with 15 branch offices operating throughout the country. One of the branches supporting the creation of new and development of current creative enterprises is the Creative Industries Incubator, which was established in 2016 and focuses on industries, such as fashion, design, music, cinema, and as of recently ICT and game development.

Ventspils High Technology Park GameDev Incubator was established as a pilot within the Baltic Game Industry project in Ventspils, alongside the existing Ventspils Business Support Centre, providing support to ICT and game development teams and start-ups with specific services provided both online (e.g. consultations and coaching) and on-the-spot (e.g. free office space, equipment, training and workshops).